Our team at Sentinel Group has a close connection to Papua New Guinea, which is home to three of our entities and a large proportion of our international employees.  We are proud of its unique beauty and diverse cultures. We are equally proud of the work of Pacific Development & Training Institute (PDTI), our training institute in PNG.

PDTI has recently launched an online course for short and long term visitors to PNG so that they are suitably prepared to enjoy all that the country has to offer. PDTI’s Security Induction & Cultural Awareness course provides visitors travelling to PNG with an overview of the country, its people and some practical advice for staying safe during their stay. On completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge to safely enjoy all that this wonderful country has to offer in a respectful manner. Taking an interest in PNG culture is a great way to connect with locals and begin the PNG adventure. Recognising and understanding the risks, developing a sense of security awareness and planning movements and travels carefully will be the greatest contribution to visitors’ personal security and enjoyment of their visit. The online course can be completed with almost any smart device and a stable 3G connection or better. Click here to learn more.