The Community Business Initiative (CBI) was a joint venture with Peren Investments, a Manus-owned group. The objective of the initiative was to establish a commercially viable business that left a lasting legacy that benefitted the Manus Island Community by way of the following objectives:

  • Demonstrating good business management and leadership and mentoring local staff to take over these responsibilities in the future.
  • Demonstrating best practice business management strategies and strategic business planning.
  • Providing a new business service to the Manus Community that is not currently available, in the form of a commercial gym, café and barber shop.
  • Providing employment training opportunities for local community to work in the gym, café or barber shop.
  • Demonstrating upcycling/recycling potential.
  • A positive impact on the Manus economic environment.

CBI was constructed to Australian standards by a team of international and local Manusian tradesmen using as much salvaged (upcycled) materials and local hardwoods as possible.

Construction was completed in early 2020, and the CBI has quickly become an integral part of the community. All three businesses are thriving, and the café has expanded its original menu to provide fresh and frozen fish and freshly made cakes.

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